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(54) Brian Manna
Tue, 13 January 2015 21:51:25 +0000

Great service. On time. Everything is done with care and everything comes out beyond expectations.

(53) Erica Elmore
Mon, 29 December 2014 23:45:29 +0000

Birdie- our car looks amazing!!!! I feel like I have a brand new car and that was quite the feat getting toddler god-knows-what out of the leather! We are so grateful for Birdie's and the tenacity you and your guys exude. What a transformation! Thank you!!!

(52) Hank B
Sun, 28 December 2014 17:46:34 +0000

My truck was covered in mud, dirt, and sand. Birdie's showed up to the house and left my truck sparkling, inside and out. Convenient for me, and the guys did an outstanding job! Best car wash in the tri-state area.

(51) Laurie
Thu, 25 December 2014 16:53:54 +0000

Awesome job always performed in a timely manner and the crew always leaves a clean work space when they are finished.

(50) Soni M.
Mon, 22 December 2014 01:15:01 +0000

Thanks for some great work! First time user of steam cleaning technology and I must say its an amazing experience. Birdie and his crew delivered as promised, they were professional, courteous, and meticulous. I highly recommend their services.

(49) Greg Ellis
Mon, 8 December 2014 18:29:53 +0000

Birdie and his guys never disappoint. They clean the inside/outside of all our cars. They always do a top notch job! Thank you so much for always being so friendly Eric and taking great care of our cars!

(48) breddy A.
Tue, 11 November 2014 14:57:36 +0000

when I called Birdie I explained to him that I had my car sitting in my drive way with a cover for about a year. When I opened it the entire interior was covered with yellow dust and it smelled awful. I didnt know what caused it but left it to him to fix her up for me. Couldn't believe what an amazing job they did. Birdie and his guys never disappoint. Thanks for the great service.

(47) Stephanie Lupo
Mon, 5 May 2014 17:43:33 +0000

Birdie's did a great job on my car. The exterior looked great after the wax, and the interior smelled and looked like it did when I first bought the car. Eric was extremely responsive throughout the process and very easy to work with. I'll definitely be using Birdie's again in the future!

(46) Steven Steinman
Tue, 15 April 2014 22:31:06 +0000

As someone who is very particular about keeping his cars clean I tried Birdie's Auto Spa on the recommendation of a friend of Eric's who knew I was looking for a true hand wash that was not inadvertently harmful to the car's paint. The eco-friendly steam part of Birdie's approach was also quite appealing but
I remained skeptical. After trying the steam wash at the Rye location some time ago I was more than satisfied
and became a regular customer for my car as well as a number of the other cars in my household. Besides
doing a great job Birdie and his staff are consistently pleasant, polite and accommodating. So I was a very
satisfied customer. When Birdie recently transitioned to a "come to your home only" service I immediately
signed on for a year package with set appointment dates. After the first visit - they arrived on time and were
very professional - I was even more pleased with the convenience this service affords and the same high
quality of the wash and wipe down. I highly recommend the new Birdie's (it's cheaper with the package).

(45) Juergen T. Siebenrock
Thu, 16 January 2014 20:10:12 +0000

Coming from Europe I was in search of a car detailer who takes pride in their work. Pride in my opinion is reflected through personal service, excellent knowledge of their product and services and the willingness to advise you on what treatments are best to take care of your car. I found all these attributes at Birdies.

(44) Ray
Sun, 11 August 2013 14:10:25 +0000

Eric has exceeded my expectations when it comes to automotive detailing. Himself and his staff take the extra time to make sure that my car has been thoroughly cleaned and cared for during and after every wash. If there is something that has not been cleaned to my expectations, I will mention to Eric and the issue is corrected without any hesitation.

I like the fact that this is an eco-friendly auto spa and also a spa service shop with such a comfortable atmosphere. I don't feel like my car is on a conveyer belt and I am just a number in line. The attention to detail is spot on. I cannot see myself taking my car anywhere else.

(43) Rob
Sat, 8 June 2013 15:06:21 +0000

Flawless work and very consistent. The customer service is great, not your stereotypical car wash. Birdies does it right, with very fair prices.

(42) Donoho
Tue, 4 June 2013 17:40:08 +0000

Great People. Great Work.

Got a wash and wax for my 2010 Camaro and it looked like new. Within an hour it was covered in pollen, but what are you going to do. A couple days later it rained like every water tower in NYC got dumped at once. The next morning, my car looked like it'd been through a car wash.

When Birdie says his wash and wax will keep your car looking good he means it.

(41) Jennifer S.
Tue, 28 May 2013 20:22:10 +0000

It's no wonder that Eric's business is a success! Eric and his staff take great pride in the service they provide, are super accommodating for those who live and work nearby, are fearless re: the messes our children leave in our vehicles' cracks/crevices, respect their customers' time constraints and are appreciative of their customers' business. Besides all of that... it's an environmentally friendly service with no sacrifices when it comes to time, money or quality! Thanks to Eric and his team for a job well done!

(40) Janie Wallace
Mon, 27 May 2013 23:46:16 +0000

The best place every to take care of your car. The staff and service are great! My car looks like new - I wouldn't go anywhere else.

(39) Alex Tetzlaff
Mon, 27 May 2013 23:40:20 +0000

Eric and staff did a great job with my 335 and brought the paint back to life! Will be returning for the hand washes weekly aswell... Thanks!

(38) Juergen Siebenrock
Mon, 27 May 2013 18:52:11 +0000

Just recently had our VW New Beetle convertible hand washed and waxed for the first time.Eric and the team did a fantastic job. Not only was the actual finish superb but I received excellent service and advice throughout the whole process. I never had the feeling I was being sold something my car did not need.
I have finally found the car wash and detailing I was looking for.

(37) Holly Simmons
Mon, 27 May 2013 15:40:33 +0000

I love Birdies! In addition to beig environmentally friendly they do a great job! My car had a terrible dog smell and Birdies made my car smell fresh again! Thank you!

(36) Gerry
Mon, 27 May 2013 13:29:38 +0000

If you care about your car and want the job done right this is the place to be.
Birdies has the top of the line equipment and a great staff to work with.
Everyone feels right at home when stepping in the door at birdies.
I been to many car washes In the Tri-state area and this is by far the BEST.
once you try birdies your a customer for life.

(35) Gil Tollinchi
Mon, 27 May 2013 12:47:49 +0000

Eric and his team are very detail oriented, down to rubber tips on the steam hoses to ensure no accidental scratches. Quality materials and towels keep the swirls down. Pick-up and drop-off service works great as well. Congrats on a successful biz.

(34) David Hood
Mon, 27 May 2013 12:37:44 +0000

Quick, easy, convient while saving water and eleminating run off. ggbCm

(33) Glen Fernandez
Mon, 27 May 2013 00:05:00 +0000

Birdie's did a fantastic job with their steam cleaning. Exterior and tires looked great! Their service and facility are also excellent. I'm already a repeat customer.

(32) paul moore
Thu, 23 May 2013 20:06:25 +0000
url  email

Eric and the whole Birdie's staff do an excellent job with my 2 vehicles. They go out of their way to make sure the job is done right and in a timely manner. They are the best.

(31) Joe O'Shea
Thu, 23 May 2013 19:42:32 +0000

Eric does such amazing work. Makes my car look brand new every time. Runs a great shop, takes appointments and moves quickly. Even has a nice comfortable lounge with WiFi and TV while you wait! Highly recommended!!

(30) Lisa Pent Fallon
Thu, 23 May 2013 19:31:01 +0000

Your car will look brand new! The ability to make an appointment and then have your car delivered is also a true luxury. I'll never go anywhere else!

(29) shauna
Thu, 23 May 2013 19:03:20 +0000

Birdie's is always accomodating and offers great quality service. But even more than that the staff is always smiling and offers that personal touch that makes you know that they appreciate your business. Birdie's "green" concept is excellent and was my incentive to try Birdies but the service, staff and quality keep me going back!

thanks for everything!

(28) peter laura
Mon, 15 April 2013 02:46:23 +0000

Brought my work vehicles into eric, what an amazing job! these vehicles carry food. all the spills, gone. the smell of food, gone. smells like a brand new vehicle. love that they use so little water as well. way to be green

(27) David Kmetz
Sat, 6 October 2012 19:14:48 +0000

Eric is the best. He picks my car up at the train while I'm at work and cleans it. Then he returns the car back to the train and my extra keys to my house. Where can you get such service, no car wash in the tri-state area can compete with him!!!!

(26) Mary Kmetz
Thu, 27 September 2012 01:37:14 +0000

Eric and his staff at birdies provide the best service. My car comes back looking like new each time. In addition, my strollers and carseats look like new as well! Best car wash in westchester!!!

(25) Maria Carosella
Wed, 26 September 2012 22:55:02 +0000

With the end of summer, sun, sand, wet swimsuits and treats really did a number on my granchild's car seat. A quick trip to Birdie's steam cleaned it so that it looked brand new. The best part was that all the germs were gone. We were on our way in no time and Eric could not have been nicer to us. Thanks Eric for helping us keep our little ones healthy.

(24) Michal
Sun, 19 August 2012 00:56:33 +0000
url  email

Fantastic place, excellent service. Getting your car steam washed and steamed inside out is unbelievable. No soap, no chemicals, just pure fresh clean. Better than any machine or hand wash. Better than a standard detail shop, better than a few passes with a clay bar. We've brought all of the family cars to Birdie's. Eric and his crew took care of each of them as if they were their own. Perfect each time!

(23) Dave Clark
Wed, 4 July 2012 17:04:19 +0000

We were in town on visiting friends and family in the tri-state area and we heard about Birdie's and all the different services they offer. We had our SUV washed inside and out, and now it looks as good as the day we bought it. But the best thing was getting our stroller steamed. We have twin 15 month old girls, and after some recent outings it was covered in juice, fruit puree, and pieces of popcorn chicken. We had it steamed and sanitized, and it too now looks just like the day we bought it. If you take your car to Birdie's to get a wash or wax or whatever, you have to have them steam your carseat or stroller if you've never had it done. You won't believe the difference. Thanks Birdie!

(22) Stanley
Wed, 27 June 2012 21:04:47 +0000

You guys didd an awsome job on my red car. Thanks, I'll be back.

(21) Miranda
Sun, 27 May 2012 00:00:39 +0000

What a great place to have your veichle cleaned. Everytime I show a friend this website they are amazed. The service at Birdie's Auto Spa is amazing!!!!!!

(20) Joe Rivera
Sun, 20 May 2012 13:13:08 +0000

What an amazing experience, Birdie's hosted a car cleaning fundraiser for the Heeling Autism program from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Both Eric & Christine were great hosts, they really are first class individuals. I also had my vehicle cleaned, best it ever looked. Amazing job!!

(19) Jonathan Altamira
Fri, 4 May 2012 03:35:05 +0000

Birdies Spa Is just simply awesome. After just washing my car(BMW 335) once there, i take all my cars. The level of care and professionalism is very high. Birdies also saved me from painting my quarter panel($$$)!!! huge + in my book

(18) Elisabeth Mitchell
Thu, 3 May 2012 02:37:57 +0000

Birdie's Auto Spa is the best! They do the most amazing job and we love being "green" while getting a clean car! Eric is so customer service-oriented and runs a great operation. You will not be disappointed! FANTASTIC!

(17) Stephen OB
Thu, 3 May 2012 01:43:30 +0000

Brought my s4 a few weeks ago to get cleaned after sap got on it car came out wonderful in no time. Only local place I would let wash my car. Thanks again

(16) Brian Lifrieri
Thu, 3 May 2012 01:31:29 +0000

Great car wash. Truley something different. Amazing what steam can do to make a car sooooo clean. Staff is very nice. Recommend this to everyone

(15) Matt Gleason
Wed, 2 May 2012 16:19:45 +0000

I brought my 135i to Birdies because I have heard so many amazing things about them. Everything was very professional and the waiting room is extremely nice. Once my car was done I was in complete shock at how the car came out. No water marks, perfect windows and the wheels were cleaner then ever. If you're going to get a car wash anywhere in the Tri-State go to Birdies, you wont be disappointed.

(14) Brian
Tue, 1 May 2012 15:24:56 +0000

Birdie's is by far the best car wash I have ever been to. There are never any signs of water drops or streaks that all other car washes leave from the door jams, fuel cap, trunk, or mirrors. The whole experience in it self is amazing to. Watch your car get washed and it looks like a Michael Jackson video haha. I promise you will not be let down by Eric and his team!

(13) Breddy Alfaro
Tue, 1 May 2012 14:55:21 +0000

Birdie's Auto Spa is a great place to take your car. Everyone there is friendly from start to finish! They take care of your car like if it was theirs. I was very satisfied with how my Cadillac and Explorer looked when they were done and would recommend it to anyone. Just found out they do motorcycles so im taking it in soon! Definately worth the 45 minute commute!

(12) Chris
Sun, 22 April 2012 02:02:13 +0000

Birdie's is amazing! They have Eco-friendly benifits for your car and a great atmosphere! Thier waiting room is very welcoming and comfy! The free wi-fi is such a benifit for my computer and iPad. The cars look amazing after each job! I can tell that the staff takes time and puts pride into their work. I have one suggestion for Birdie's, keep up the good work!

(11) Brandon
Sun, 22 April 2012 01:54:58 +0000

My Ferrari and Lamborghini looked AMAZING! There was absolutely no dust left on my cars. It looks even better then when I got them from the dealers! The entire service is extremely accommodating and all the workers appear to take pride in what they do. The luxurious atmosphere just makes it even better! Go Birdie's Auto Spa!

(10) Jay L
Tue, 10 April 2012 16:55:19 +0000

Birdie did a great job on the exterior detail for my car. The paint looks great again! Removed the fine scratches and swirls from those automated "brush-less" car washes... will not be using them again. Glad I found Birdie's.. definitely my new wash spot. Excellent customer service. Greeted the moment I rolled up and they took good care of my car. Comfortable waiting area with free water/coffee and most importantly wi-fi. Thanks Eric!

Fri, 16 March 2012 15:10:31 +0000

I love bring my bike to Bird's Auto Spa to clean my Motorcycle. look at pic on facebook

(8) Jenn D
Thu, 15 March 2012 17:00:52 +0000

Birdie's did a GREAT job cleaning both the inside & outside of my car.

There wasn't a long wait but even if there was being able to sit in his nice waiting room and relax while my car was being cleaned is a bonus!

I was VERY please with my 1st experience @ Birdies. There is no doubt I will be back to get my car cleaned again and again!!

Thank you for a great job!

(7) Patty Mosher
Wed, 29 February 2012 17:32:07 +0000

I called Eric at 8:15a and he was at my house 30 minutes later picking up my car! The service was excellent and accommodating! I was extremely impressed with how both my cars looked after their service. I will definitely be returning to Birdie's very soon!

(6) Ray
Mon, 27 February 2012 02:14:15 +0000

I couldn't be happier with this service. Of all the car washes i have been to over the years, this is by far the best of its kind and has the customer service to go with it. This is the place to go in the tri-state area hands down!!!

(5) TJ Milo
Tue, 21 February 2012 18:02:00 +0000

I drive at least 60 miles a day, and I spend alot of time in my car. I've tried many different car washes, but Birdie's is by far the best. I won't go to any other car wash but Birdie's.

(4) Miranda
Tue, 21 February 2012 14:19:28 +0000
url  email

You are doing such a good job!! All the cars that leave your shop look AWESOME!!!

(3) Ashley
Mon, 20 February 2012 13:13:46 +0000

My Lexus RX looks great! Thanks for cleaning it up, and doing such a good job with the dog hair!!

(2) Chris
Sun, 19 February 2012 04:22:51 +0000

Great place! Great location! Much needed service....especially in the winter!

A place where people who really care about their cars take them.

Car looked great after these guys cleaned it up!

(1) Courtney
Sat, 18 February 2012 16:51:45 +0000

Birdie's did a really great job on my Jeep GC SRT-8! the steam wash cleared the salt and dirt without soaking the car and it was ready for wax immediately. The hand wax looks great too. Birdies really went over the car carefully, took care of the leather, carpets, floor mats, glass... we'll be back!

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