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A Lil Birdie Told Me:


Steaming Cleaning & Sanitizing Baby/Child Car Seats - A New Innovative & Green Service A recent study conducted by Charles P. Gerba, Ph. D., professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona and a leading authority on germs, found that car seats often have bacteria on them – and enough to make a child sick with an ear infection or strep throat.

And that’s not all. They all typically have some mold growth, which can be particularly worrisome if you or your child suffers from allergies or asthma. Gerba suggests washing your child safety seat cover, plastic shell and harness of the child safety seat a few times per month.

While strollers and baby car seats have visible spot and stains, the harmful germs are what you can’t see. Experts from NBC’s The Today Show found Strep bacteria present in a car seat. They then stated, “if the child were to touch the car seat, then put its hands into its mouth, the child would become ill.”

In another study, Dan O’Brien, a lab technician from Richards Laboratories of Utah took samples from 20 car seats and found two seats tested positive for E. coli. One seat tested positive for staph.

Our Steam Sanitizing Service will safely remove any of the above-mentioned germs/bacteria without any harsh chemicals.

Disclaimer: Any repeated/excessive cleaning to baby car seats will remove the flame retardants. Birdie’s does not reinstall baby/child car seats; customer is responsible

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